Our Quest for Quality Improvement

All of our Providers, Medical Assistants and Practice Manager meet twice a month to assess areas needing improvement and plan improvement projects using the PSDA (Plan-Study-Do-Act) method. Here are some of the changes we have made over the past few years, as a result of these efforts:

Diabetes Initiatives:

We started using point of care Hemoglobin A1C testing to allow adjustment of therapy during the office visit

We started routinely collecting urine samples at diabetes visits, to ensure these patients were tested at least once per year for signs of diabetic kidney disease

We acquired a FreeStyle Libre Pro blood sugar monitor, to better help our patients with poorly controlled blood sugars understand patterns and contributors to high blood sugar

We standardized appointment recheck frequency, depending on blood sugar control numbers, to assure these patients are seen several times a year to keep there blood sugar under control

Blood Pressure Initiatives:

We use automated blood pressure monitors, to get more accurate results

We have continuously educated staff and created exam room posters with reminders on correct technique for checking blood pressure

Depression Initiatives:

We started screening all of our patients at each office visit for symptoms of depression

We are utilizing a standardized PHQ9 (Personal Health Questionnaire) to accurately assess the severity of depression and response to treatment

We joined the Colorado SIM initiative to integrate behavioral health services in our office

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