What is Advanced Care Planning?

  • Learning about available life sustaining treatment options
  • Thinking about your values
  • Talking about your decisions
  • Documenting your wishes
  • Designating a decision maker on your behalf if and when the need were to arise

Why it is important to plan ahead

  • When you are unable to speak for yourself
  • When sudden illness or accidents happen
  • By leaving a guide for others to follow
  • By giving peace of mind to loved ones

Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare

  • Can be anyone over the age of 18
  • Can be a family member, loved one or close friend
  • Cannot be your personal physician
  • Should be someone you trust, knows you well, will advocate for your wishes and will honor your wishes

Living Will

  • States what you want and do not want for life sustaining medical treatments at the end of life or if you are permanently unconscious
  • May also be called Directive to Physicians, Healthcare Declaration or Medical Directive
  • It should reflect your wishes
  • Lawyers are not needed
  • Not all documents are legally valid in every state
  • Your Advanced Directive does not expire, but can be updated or recreated at any time